Video Treat: Cat Hijinks

The cat in this video reminds me of my old cat, Buster–a jolly soul, if ever there was one. He and his sister, Missy (she was my baby), used to both try to sit in my lap at once. Not enough room for both of them. Wrestling match ensues. Lee gets clawed breaking it up.

I guess I should’ve bought them one of those cat trees. Then they could’ve tussled up there.

One comment on “Video Treat: Cat Hijinks”

  1. Thanks Lee.

    One has to wonder just what is going on in a cat’s head. They seem to be imagining some adventure when they play. At times they remind me of Don Knotts in his most hilarious moment’s as Barney Fife.The cats sure seem to be enjoying themselves.

    I have a modest example of a cat tree at home and it was the best feline-oriented purr-chase (SIC) I’ve ever made.

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