By Request (I Think): ‘The Monster Hymn’ (Psalm 148)

In trying to track down this hymn requested by Susan–they know it in her church as Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah, Psalm 148–I discovered a treasure trove of hymns and worship songs based on Psalm 148. The kids in Susan’s church have nicknamed this “the Monster hymn,” no doubt due to Verse 7 in the Psalm:

Praise the Lord from the earth, ye dragons [monsters] and all deeps (KJV).

Well, I’m not sure I’ve found precisely the hymn that’s been requested; but I hope you enjoy this spirited performance of a Psalm that summons all Creation to praise its Creator.

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  1. I am replying to the article about the Satanist clubs in schools…first off, they should change their name if they are more or less promoting ‘free thinking’ as it pertains to organized religion… for taking a bible to school, what for? do kids take a copy of the Constitution or Declaration of Independence to church or sunday school? sorry, folks, but bibles DO NOT belong in a public school classroom…….ever hear of something called ‘Separation of Church & State”? and if ‘christians’ want to encourage religious studies, then what are the churches doing? why don’t they open THEIR doors to these kids for bible study, etc.,….

    once again, folks, bibles do not belong in public schools, for any reason whatsoever… for the Satanist thing, if they want to be a little more accepted, they need to change their name to something involving the word ‘Freethinkers’……….I don’t think today’s educational systems encourage that in any manner whatsoever, religion or otherwise!!!!!!!!

    1. “Separation of church and state” is a phrase that does not appear anywhere in the Constitution. Only ignorance puts it there.

      Why should no one be allowed to bring a Bible to an atheistic public school? I’d like to see the state separated from that religion, for a change. Why is there a problem with a student having a Bible in his book-bag? Maybe he feels like reading it during study hall or lunchtime. What would be the grounds for forbidding that?

      Grounds exclusive of secular supremacy, of course.

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