EU to Brits: Curb Press Freedom

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When they’re not preoccupied with regulating the degree of curvature allowed in a banana or a cucumber, the socialist numbskulls who run the European Union can get up to more ambitious mischief.

Just in: the EU has ordered the British government to order British newspapers not to reveal it when terrorists in a terrorist attack turn out to be Muslims. ( That information is to be concealed–like people won’t be able to guess? Hint: that “Allahu akbar!” is a dead giveaway.

Not to keep you in suspense: to which the British government has answered… no!

Has it escaped the EU’s notice that the British people have voted to sign themselves out of the madhouse? Apparently. The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance–Self-Righteous Prigs, for short–has noted an increase in “hate speech,” which they seem to think is inspired by news reporting. It has urged the government to “give more rigorous training to reporters.”

What planet are they on? Since when does the government train reporters?

Go jump in a lake, says Britain. There’s life in the old girl yet!

Like the Devil himself, whose wrath is fierce because he knows he has only a short time left, the world-wide socialist/globalist elites are pouring it on, trying to erase freedom once and for all. In their boundless orgulity they rival Satan himself.

But I think they’ll be easier to get rid of.

2 comments on “EU to Brits: Curb Press Freedom

  1. They regulate the curvature of a banana because they LOVE us and don’t want for us to put out and eye while peeling a banana. They want to regulate speech because we’re all too STUPID and might commit a micro-aggression without their guidance.

    They are from Satan because, at the very root, they do not want mankind the fill the earth.

  2. Got that right. Less people are easier to control. They are getting ready to rebuild the “stairway to the stars” like the one Nimrod almost finished. They should take a look at what happened to that monster.

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