Brexit Do-Over Coming?

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I think she heard that.

It’s hard for an American to make much sense of British politics; but for what it’s worth, Prime Minister Theresa May has resigned, effective June 7, they’re gonna need a new one, they still haven’t figured out exactly how they’re supposed to secede from the European Union–and assorted UK politicians are clamoring for a “second referendum” on leaving the E.U. (

They didn’t like the way the first one turned out.

Meanwhile, in the E.U. elections just concluded, the “Brexit Party” won big in Britain. Any  indication that the government is serious about a do-over is sure to raise hell. The Labour Party of course wants one, but we are told that there’s a major conflict over that within Labour’s ranks.

You think we have trouble with just two political parties. The Brits have a whole raft of them.

The problem is that when they held the first referendum, “Remain” was supposed to win–sort of like Hillary Clinton was supposed to win here, in 2016–so the globalists never bothered to draw up a workable plan to carry out the people’s wishes if they voted to leave the E.U. But they did. And one wonders whether the government ever had any intention of abiding by the result of the referendum. Globalists don’t much care for referendums that don’t go their way.

In fact, throughout Europe, the globalists fared very badly in the elections, with patriotic national parties regaining lost ground–enough so that the Red Pope is calling everybody racists and biggits for wanting to preserve their own countries. How would he fare, do you think, if they held a referendum on his papacy?

There is only one Person who has the right to govern the world, and that is Jesus Christ. Until He sets His throne upon the earth, God has given us nations as a protection against any power-mad cabal that seeks to dominate the whole shebang. A world government would be a global tyranny.

Patriots vs. Oligarchs: We’re Not Alone

Marine Le Pen (2017-03-24) 01 cropped.jpg

Globalists want to shut down nation-states and have a global government. But there’s still resistance, even in Europe, and it’s not going away.

European patriots gathered in Prague this weekend to proclaim their dedication to preserving their own nations and resisting the European Union’s drive to dominance. Among the highlighted speakers was Marie Le Pen, former candidate for president of France (

Le Pen laid it on the line. The EU, she said, has “the same goal” as the Soviet Union: to weaken the nation-states, and to “reduce political and legal capacities of resistance… We are the resistance!” The EU, she said, is “for the benefit of an oligarchy of civil servants and experts.”

It’s not just President Trump standing between us and an all-devouring global state. Europe is full of leaders–and voters–who understand their peril and are laboring to save us from it.

But the oligarchy has had several decades in which to solidify its power, and it won’t go gently into that good night–as we see in our own country, in the efforts of the Deep State to stage a coup against our lawfully elected president. In France we saw the French nooze media successfully push the candidacy of statist throne-squatter Emmanuel Macron, by painting him out to be a nice safe “centrist” and branding Le Pen a “far right” extremist. Because she still believes in France, and wants to save it.

The last serious effort to create a global state was confounded by God, when He thwarted the building of the Tower of Babel.

God knew what He was doing when He divided our language and created nations. For all their faults, our nation-states protect us from the greater tyrannies that strive to rule the world. Alexander, Napoleon, and Hitler, and so many others, tried to do it by force. They failed. So their spiritual successors do it through secrecy, mischievous laws, and, in the language of Daniel, “by flattery.”

Anyway, it’s good to know we’re not alone.

Too Little, Too Late for Europe?

Image result for images of horde of muslim migrants in europe

It almost sounds like the European Union big chiefs are having one of those “What have I done?” moments.

“There will be no European Union,” says Belgium’s Secretary of State for Migrants, Theo Francken, “unless we shut the borders and make illegal Muslim immigration impossible” (

How many days ago did that train leave the station?

EU honchos are trying to decide how to divvy up the horde of Muslims pouring in from northern Africa. Most of the member states, it seems, favor the position of “Your country must take more migrants: my country already has too many.” These disagreements are getting louder and sharper.

Is it already too late? Has this experiment in open borders fatally damaged Europe?

No one knows.

Mad EU Threatens to Prosecute Le Pen–for Telling the Truth

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Hey, I know post-modern libs and other such forms of life don’t attach much value to the truth–but this is getting ridiculous. And dangerous.

The European Parliament has voted to lift Marine Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity, and if a second vote goes through, she could be hit with three years in prison and a 75,000-euro fine ( ). Ms. Le Pen is running for president of France–and currently ahead in the polls–as the sanity candidate who wants to save her country from destroying itself with crazy EU immigration policies.

She scares the dickens out of libs, and look for them to do anything, just about, to stop her.

Le Pen’s “crime”, committed two years ago, was “publishing violent images” of what ISIS was doing to its victims. The EU tinhorns are much more committed to suppressing awareness of Islamic violence than they are to suppressing the violence itself. So it’s a crime to let the public know about it.

Sometimes it takes a woman to do the job the men won’t do–saving France.

Look for President Le Pen to lead France out of the EU–toot sweet, as they say.

EU to Brits: Curb Press Freedom

Image result for gagging newspaper reporters

When they’re not preoccupied with regulating the degree of curvature allowed in a banana or a cucumber, the socialist numbskulls who run the European Union can get up to more ambitious mischief.

Just in: the EU has ordered the British government to order British newspapers not to reveal it when terrorists in a terrorist attack turn out to be Muslims. ( That information is to be concealed–like people won’t be able to guess? Hint: that “Allahu akbar!” is a dead giveaway.

Not to keep you in suspense: to which the British government has answered… no!

Has it escaped the EU’s notice that the British people have voted to sign themselves out of the madhouse? Apparently. The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance–Self-Righteous Prigs, for short–has noted an increase in “hate speech,” which they seem to think is inspired by news reporting. It has urged the government to “give more rigorous training to reporters.”

What planet are they on? Since when does the government train reporters?

Go jump in a lake, says Britain. There’s life in the old girl yet!

Like the Devil himself, whose wrath is fierce because he knows he has only a short time left, the world-wide socialist/globalist elites are pouring it on, trying to erase freedom once and for all. In their boundless orgulity they rival Satan himself.

But I think they’ll be easier to get rid of.

The Globalist Sky is Falling

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When the people of Britain voted the other day to secede from the European Union, there was great wailing and gnashing of teeth among the Citizens of the World crowd. They don’t want to be British! They want to be transnational. Or whatever.

Gee, too bad they don’t have what we have, here in the USA. Here, when liberals get an election result that they don’t like–e.g., Proposition 8 in California, reserving marriage to one man and one woman–they can always find a Democrat judge to overturn it. I guess they don’t have that in Britain.

Since the late 19th century it’s been fashionable among self-admiring leftids to despise their own countries and pine away for various kinds of super-states.

Note: The root of this ideology is religious. Unable to believe in God, in Jesus Christ, humanists must look elsewhere for their salvation. They always wind up looking in the mirror for it. Their spirits can soar no higher than good ol’, great ol’ Homo sapiens and those glorious extensions of himself, the state and Science. That these institutions cannot deliver salvation doesn’t seem to matter.

No one can blame the Europeans for trying to prevent world wars from sweeping across their continent. But they refuse to see war as arising from the sinful human heart. They seek an institutional origin. That way, all they’ve got to do is tweak and tinker with their institutions, and voila!–they’ll have perfected man himself.

Before long the smoke of Brexit will have blown away, the stock markets will right themselves, and normal people will discover–if they didn’t already know it–that they never did need the EU to carry on trade, to enjoy peaceful and friendly intercourse with other nations, or any of those other things that are routinely done when a nation’s heart is right.

All they’ve lost is some unelected bureaucrats in Brussels to tell them what to do.

P.S. to Regular Readers: I’ve just returned from the hospital. Poor Aunt Joan! It distresses me to see her confined to a bed, etc. But she is much, much better than she was on Thursday, and it looks like she’s going to pull through. Please keep praying for us, folks. I do appreciate it!