Witnessing to My Doctor

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I had a doctor’s appointment this morning–everything seems to be going well–and it took a long time: not because I had any thorny medical problems, but because my doctor is very interested in Christianity and he had a lot of questions for me.

Born and raised a Buddhist, today my doctor wished to understand the difference between Christianity and Judaism. And he had a tougher question still, in regard to Our Lord Jesus Christ being the Messiah promised in the Old Testament:

“After Jesus did all those things, why didn’t they believe Him?”

Well, we’re working on it. He has so very many questions, and I have to take care in answering them, so as not to give him anything but a strictly Biblical answer. We’re beginning it all from scratch.

I have never done this before, never tried to instruct anyone in the Christian faith; so, like the feller said, “I sure hope I’m doing this right!” Insofar as humanly possible, I try to keep my own opinion out of my answers and resort, always, to what the Scripture actually says.

I find it humbling, that God should have chosen me to minister to this man, an medical doctor with many students of his own–humbling, but also something to rejoice in. Who knows how much good might come of it? Well, God knows and I don’t: so I just press on and do the best I can.

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  1. Well done, Lee. As long as you stick close to the Bible I think you’ll be safe. IMO, people mess up when they inject personal opinions, or try to mold the Bible around their beliefs.

    1. You done good, my friend. And you never know; you might have given this man the tools required to turn to Christ. There’s a lot change happening in the world right now and the issues are becoming evident to people that never paid attention to spiritual matters before.

  2. This is fulfilling the Lord’s commission to us, and a very great privelege. May we all receive many more opportunities such as this.

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