Evrything reely Is Discrimbanation!

Ha ha that stopid lee he “had” to Go out so i got “his” blogg and now yiu are All goin to reed somthing that actrualy Makes sents!

I see yore Commints that none of yiu “reely” unnerstands that Evrything yiu Say “and” do It reely Is Discrimbation! “That is whye we has The amerricans With Dis-Abbillities Act becose evrything “and I” do mene Evrything reely is a Dis-Abbillity and so evrything yiu ordrinary dum peple say And doo it discrimbinates aginst Somone!!!

And “that is” whye No one butt us Interllecturals like Me shuld be aloud to Say or Do annything! becose we been To collidge witch makes Us mutch Smarter then yiu Ordrinary dum peple yuo cant Say notthin “whithout” yiu say a Micro Gresion! So that one gye he dont Know it butt “he” is rihgjt, wenh yiu Walk yiu is discrimbinating aginst peple whoo Cant wallk!! and Wen yiu Talk yiu is discrimbinating aginst peple whoo cant Talk! and Evryboddy thay got somme Kind of Dis-Abbillity or other!

Now doo yiu get It? “Whell” i hope so!

One comment on “Evrything reely Is Discrimbanation!”

  1. We finally agree on something Joe; we do discriminate all day long. If I encounter spoiled food I will discriminate against it and in favor of my health.

    Before the civil rights act the word was prejudice and that has a different connotation. Prejudice is a failure to apply justice and is morally wrong. Discrimination on the basis of race, creed, etc, is an attempt to frame prejudice in legal terminology; sadly, the attempt failed.

    Now, I have to go so I can discriminate against Little Ceaser’s and in favor of a home-cooked pizza restaurant. 🙂

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