Scary Video! Rattlesnakes’ Den

Mama mia! That’s one heckuva lot of rattlesnakes!

Hi, Mr. Nature here. And if you’ve ever wondered where snakes go for the winter, this is where: they get together in a big mob and wait out the cold in a hole. This is because they’re cold-blooded and if they jam themselves together, they can keep each other warm. It’s not that they’re compulsively sociable or anything.

Many kinds of snakes spend the winter in dens. On rare occasions, they may decide that someone’s house would make a really comfy den, and in they go.

It’s fall now, so they’re going to be heading for their dens. And you are soooo in trouble if you step into such a hole! So don’t.

7 comments on “Scary Video! Rattlesnakes’ Den

  1. ooh, creepy. I do not like snakes. We have a dog who loves to hunt them, just the garden snake variety, I hope he can understand the difference if
    he ever encounters one of these nasty critters.

  2. Looks like congress in session. In fact, I think I recognize some of these hissing slithery snakes.

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