Is Facebook on the Fritz Today?

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Have any of you out there noticed anything wrong with Facebook today? My stats tell me I’ve had zip, zero referrals from Facebook all day long–which is exceedingly unusual.

These days, anyone who doesn’t buy into PC-liberal crapola  can always expect to be censored somewhere, somehow. So I just wondered, has anybody else experienced a “Nobody Home” Facebook today?

4 comments on “Is Facebook on the Fritz Today?

  1. No. Must be all their data mining that shorted out their circuits. The only time I go on facebook is…well, almost never. Hate it. My family calls to tell me to check out their baby pictures on facebook and I tell them to email them to me. Will let you know if I hear about it.

    1. I depend on Facebook for a big piece of my blog traffic–and all of a sudden, literally nobody is coming here via Facebook. I can’t figure out why that should be.

  2. PS: I couldn’t bring up this article from the email – kept getting error messages. Had to search to find it.

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