Video Treat: Dogs Afraid of Cats

Why are all these dogs so scared of cats? I mean, it’s supposed to be the other way around, right? Especially when the dog is so much bigger than the cat. Who can explain this mystery?

My iguana used to chase a housemate’s cat out of my room because that cat had a habit of pooing on the bed. The other cat, and the dog, were his friends and the three of them would cuddle up on the bed together. But the poo-cat, uh-uh–not allowed.

But I don’t think that dynamic is at work here.

2 comments on “Video Treat: Dogs Afraid of Cats

  1. Could be a propaganda program which says: dogs drool, cats rule. I mean, people are swallowing the most outrageous propaganda these days, could have been transferred to the dogs?

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