Nope, It Ain’t Fixed

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Well, I waited all day, and still no Facebook referrals.

I would’ve bet good money that reconnecting my page to Facebook, once I discovered that the connection had been broken, would have done the trick. Like, what could be more basic? But no–it didn’t work.

So now I’ve lost a fair-sized portion of my traffic, I have no idea why, and I’ve come head-first up against a brick wall.

Any ideas, anybody?

6 comments on “Nope, It Ain’t Fixed

  1. Nope. I’ll wait until tomorrow. The pendulum swings…

    PS – maybe you DID fix it and whatever caused it to malfunction came back? And maybe it will work tomorrow; and then…lol (note small letters). Facebook should be sued for putting your business in jeopardy.

  2. I’m sorry, Lee. I am a complete dummy when it comes to this stuff. I would gladly help if I knew how, but I am clueless.

  3. Remember October 1st the traitor in command sold off our internet to the U.N. I.C.A.N.N. is what they call it….just ask how China how there internet works. Also Suckerberg is a Rockefeller nephew sold his soul to Satan and many people are starting to be censored. I feel that the time of prosecution is coming. We must stand firm in Jesus name for the storm is approaching very fast. A little advice sir I would delete your account asap! Release the Prayer warriors and sharpen our swords for the battle is at hand. May Our Lord Jesus Christ guide and protect us all. In His Name. Shannon B.

    1. Amen. Cling to God’s word for He is our sharpened sword and our shield. We all must remember that we are son’s and daughter’s of a True and righteous King!

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