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Eureka! (Maybe)

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Calloo, callay, oh frabjous day! My Facebook referrals are back.

When Archimedes, in the course of taking his bath, suddenly realized he could calculate an object’s weight (or something) by the amount of water it displaced, he leaped out of the tub and shouted “Eureka!”, which means “Hot dog!”

I can’t quite do that, because I don’t know that anything I’ve tried actually did the trick, bringing back Facebook referrals to this blog after I got mysteriously disconnected from FB last weekend and have gotten hardly any referrals all week long. Maybe some of you folks out there accomplished it by sharing one of our cat videos on Facebook. I don’t know. All I know is, they’re back today, returning as inexplicably as they disappeared.

My father had no object in his house which he didn’t understand. Whatever it was, if it stopped working, he knew how to fix it. And if he didn’t know, his kid brother, Uncle Ferdie, an inventor, would be sure to know. I used to love to watch the two of them take apart the television set and fix it. Dad never had to send it to the shop.

Well, my own apartment is full of gadgets whose workings I couldn’t explain if my life depended on it. And I daresay I’m not alone in that respect.

And so, at least for the time being, my nagging Facebook problem has been solved–how, I just don’t know. But if any of you readers did anything to solve it, you have my thanks. It wasn’t a big problem, but it was certainly a nagging one.


As the Facebook Waterhole Runs Dry…

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Well, I’ve tried just about everything to get back my Facebook referrals to this blog, and so far, nothing’s worked. This is Day 6 of the Great Drought of referrals, which I think was brought on by my getting disconnected from Facebook on Sunday. WordPress tells me I’m reconnected, but there ain’t no water in this waterhole.

One last thing to try. If some of you would be so kind as to share some of my posts today with a few of your Facebook friends, I could check from time to time and see if that makes anything happen. That, unless anyone can come up with anything else, will be the last throw of the dice. I have no idea what has caused this problem, nor has anybody offered one.

Plumbing the Depths

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I am by no means a handyman. Don’t even think about calling me to fix something. But our bathroom sink was clogged, and over the years, I’ve learned how to do this particular job. I did it, and that’s why I’m running late this morning.

It makes me happy to be able to accomplish something. I mean, this is Day 5 of trying in vain to sort out my inexplicable loss of referrals from Facebook–but now at least my drainpipe works!

There’s something I very much want to write about today, but due to massive Global Warming forecast for tomorrow, in the form of snow and sleet and freezing rain, we will try to do our weekend’s grocery shopping today instead of tomorrow.

Meanwhile–hey, join in the fun, and try to get here from your own Facebook page! You can even take that Hank Williams song and share it with your Facebook friends. I’d like to see what happens as a result.

An Experiment (Translation: Help!)

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Gee, I feel like one of those old-time castaways whose only hope of communicating with the outside world was to put a message in a bottle and throw it into the ocean.

Since early Sunday morning I have had no, zero, Facebook referrals. Having ruled out other causes, I’m forced to believe there’s something interfering between Facebook and my blog. No one, not even my webmaster, has yet discovered what that can be.

So I can only continue to experiment.

Whoever you are out there, if you see this message anywhere on Facebook, please see if you can use it to get to this blog. I need to see if this is possible. And I’m afraid only readers can help me on this one.

Still No Facebook!

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By all indications I can discover, this blog is properly connected to Facebook. But now I’m on my third day with no referrals from Facebook–a loss of 10 to 20% of my traffic.

Even my webmaster couldn’t find anything wrong, and I was sure that if anyone would know how to straighten it out, she would.

We were on our way to a record month here, before this happened.

P.S.–Some good news, at least: the Kindle edition of The Throne (Book 9 of my Bell Mountain series) came out like gangbusters yesterday and is still in amazon.com’s Top 100 Science Fiction books this morning, even though it isn’t science fiction. Not bad for a crotchety elderly man who doesn’t know anything about fantasy.

It Still Ain’t Workin’

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I hate computers.

See that stupid little box up there? That was supposed to be a picture. Well, suddenly I can’t have any pictures, the computer refuses to handle them. That’s in addition to Facebook still not working. Nope, no referrals coming in from there. Two strikes on me before I can even get out of the dugout.

I hate computers.

And then, lo and behold, when I actually publish the post, the picture is there. I give up. This machine is in revolt against me.

Is My Facebook on the Fritz?

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Puzzled by the unusually slow traffic on this blog today, this evening I discovered that my Facebook connection had become undone again. I have no idea why that happens. The 2 referrals from Facebook, instead of 20 or so, should’ve been a clue.

Anyway, I think I have restored the connection: followed the instructions, at any rate. It says it’s restored–but you know how computers lie. It also says I’ve still got only 2 referrals from Facebook.

I will know I’ve corrected the problem if more referrals come in. Unfortunately, I understand so little of this stuff, I don’t even know how to frame a question asking for help. If any of you are psychic, and able to get here via Facebook, please do so. If I see the number change, then I can rest easy about it. Otherwise, I’m all at sea.


Nope, It Ain’t Fixed

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Well, I waited all day, and still no Facebook referrals.

I would’ve bet good money that reconnecting my page to Facebook, once I discovered that the connection had been broken, would have done the trick. Like, what could be more basic? But no–it didn’t work.

So now I’ve lost a fair-sized portion of my traffic, I have no idea why, and I’ve come head-first up against a brick wall.

Any ideas, anybody?

Well, I *Thought* I Fixed It!

My mother used to have a saying, “You know what Thought did. He only thought he did!”

I reckoned that restoring my Facebook connection, which had somehow gotten disconnected, would bring back Facebook referrals to this blog site. Stands to reason, right?

Except there are no referrals yet today.

All right, give it time, let’s see where we stand this evening. Meanwhile, I hope I’m not  being too tiresome with this. You know how it can be: sometimes when you’ve got a problem, you just have to keep gnawing on it until the knot comes loose.Well, I do, at any rate.

Voila! I’ve Solved It! (I Think)

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Wrestling with this difficulty all day, finally, this evening, I found the answer–I’m pretty sure it’s the answer–on a WordPress Help site, under “Sharing.”

What could be simpler? Somehow my blog’s connect to Facebook got accidentally disconnected. All I had to do was click a “Reconnect” button. Now let’s see if that has put me back in business. I think it will.

I thank you all for your patience.

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