The Hillary Landslide (LOL)

Image result for images of tim kaine rally with 30 people

With our nooze media insisting that it’s all over but the shouting, Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in, you peasants might as well not even bother to show up on Election Day, here’s a picture taken at a rally held for her running mate, Tim Kaine, this week in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Thirty people attended. You or I could probably get that many, and we’re not running.

I know, I’m trying to stay away from political reporting; but it’s hard to do that. Besides which, this photo impressed me.

Let me repeat what I believe to be true: Nothing good can happen to America for as long as the Democrat Party remains in business.

We can deal with the Republicans later; first things first.

And that’s all I’m gonna do with politics today. I promise.

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