‘For Your Name is Holy’

Before I get into dirty politics today–if I get into it!–first let’s fortify our souls with praise of God who made us and sustains us and redeems us: For Your Name is Holy, performed a capella, in wonderful harmony, by 3b4jHoy.

All I can find out about them is that their names are Heather, Dominique, and Claudette and that they hail from Florida. There is very much of the Hebrew Bible in their work. There is also very much of the Torah in the words of Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul. For those Christians who are a little fuzzy on this, it takes both Old and New Testaments to make the Christian Bible.

These girls know that!

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  1. Thank you for one of my favorites. I had never heard this rendition, and it is lovely. As a student of Torah and the entire Scriptures and writer of many articles and teachings of same, it is encouraging to read your remarks.

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