Dogs Afraid of… What?

If you’re like the poor dogs in this video, you suffer from what is scientifically known as “floor-o-phobia,” an irrational fear of floors. Check out the great big Doberman cowering in dread of the bare floor, while the little tiny dachshund stands there wondering what all the fuss is about.

I have heard that floor-0-phobia is caused by Global Warming and can be treated by imposing higher taxes.

4 comments on “Dogs Afraid of… What?

  1. “I’ve heard that floor-o-phobia is caused by Global Warming and can be treated by imposing higher taxes” – LM*O! If it’s okay with you, I’d like to use your line in my comments in other places; just substituting “floor-o-phobia” for a million other things. Would I have to put it in quotes?

  2. I hadn’t watched the video before my first comment because I was laughing to hard at your last line. Just saw it and can’t help thinking the dog’s a left winger who just can’t face the cold hard facts.

  3. I guess that animals sense the world around them quite differently from the way we do. Temple Grandin, who is on the autistic spectrum, makes her living by consulting to feedlots, etc, because she is more of a visual thinker and has the ability to see things from the animal’s point of view. As it turns out, a shovel leaning against a fence or a shadow where one had never been before can be enough to scare cattle. I would imaging that the same sort of thing is at work with these dogs.

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