I Didn’t Write the Blasted Headline!

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I’ve gotten into some hot water for my News With Views column this week. Of course I have, because the headline reads “Donald Trump–The Only One Who Can Save America.”

I did not write that headline.

God is the only one who can save America. I know that! I’ve often said so, and in print, for everyone to see.

I’m trying to get that headline changed, but it may be too late. But at least I want everyone who reads this to know that I didn’t write it and I don’t agree with what it says.

I don’t mind if they change the headline I wrote for something with a bit more zing. But I do mind if the new headline gives people a false impression of me.

So if anyone happens to refer to me as “that palooka who wrote that dumb headline about Trump the only one to save America,” please–I didn’t write the b lasted thing, and it does not reflect my opinion in the matter.

7 comments on “I Didn’t Write the Blasted Headline!

  1. Actually, I didn’t have time to read NWV yet today. I know what you think
    about the subject anyway, so I would not have been deceived.

  2. Donald Trump IS the only one (Presidential nominee) who can save America – because he’s the only one who wants to. And I believe that God is behind him “Beyond All Odds.” Reconsider putting your name on something you didn’t write to avoid being attacked by those who simply like to attack. Ideology is a dangerous thing.

    1. PS: Ann Herzer wrote a piece with the same title on March 5, 2016 for newswithviews.

    2. PPS: Devvy Kidd wrote an article for NWV – “Gun Owners want Hillary Clinton to [something, maybe “trash” i forgot] the 2nd Amendment” – reversing the absurdity.

    3. What was your original title? Frankly, I really liked the title they used, as well as your article. There’s so much dirt surrounding politics in ALL media these days that it’s difficult to see it. At least I can trust yours. Thank you.

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