Today’s My Wife’s Birthday

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My wife, Patty, the partner of my labors, the delight of my eyes, the answer to better prayers than I knew how to pray when I met her 40 years ago, has a birthday today.

Fairly often her birthday falls on Election Day–which this year might be fairly called a stressor, in that we might wind up handing our country over to the tender mercies of a crime family. But it’s still her birthday, and we’re not going to let current events deprive us of the pleasure. Well, we hope not.

9 comments on “Today’s My Wife’s Birthday

  1. A most happy and joyful birthday, Patty, esteemed wife of our host, Lee.
    The Lord bless you and keep you, may He shine His light upon you, may He lift up His countenance toward you and grant you abundant shalom.

  2. Happy Birthday, Patty! It is my birthday too! 🙂 I feel your pain about sharing a birthday with election day. Try to enjoy today’s blessings in spite of it; that’s what I’ll be trying to do as well.

    1. Happy Birthday, Allison!
      All over the world, people have begun to wake up, and to realize that they don’t want to be lorded over anymore by libs and progs and globalists. The point is–we’re not alone! Win or lose today, we’re not alone.
      Deplorables of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your self-anointed masters.

  3. A truly wonderful and Happy Birthday, Patty. And may I add an Amen to Erlene’s prayer. My mom’s birthday frequently fell on election day too – Nov. 7th, but I don’t recall one quite as stressful as this one.

    Hopefully, it will not interfere with your celebration. And Lee, I hope you’ll be taking Patty out to a nice dinner. After all, she shouldn’t be cooking today 🙂

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