A Rock Song That Praises God

Our esteemed colleague “Jessicafischerqueen” posted this video on my chess page the other day–In the Presence of the Lord, by Eric Clapton and Stevie Winwood, here performed in Hyde Park, London, in 1969.

Do listen to the lyrics: “I have finally found a way to live/In the presence of the Lord.”

I take a dim view of Christian musicians–or Christian writers, for that matter–who try to get by with cheap imitations of someone or something that enjoys a worldly popularity. But that’s not what’s happening here. Clapton and Winwood were top of the line, in the rock world, and didn’t have to imitate anybody.

Ordinarily I don’t much care for rock. But I do care for claiming ground in our culture for Jesus Christ, and doing whatever we can to prepare hearts to receive Him. So I stand up and cheer when I see it. Do you?

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