Our Prayers for Harlem Have Been Answered

Back in September I posted a prayer quest for my neighbor, Harlem, who is battling pancreatic cancer and some other medical issues. I am happy to report that the Lord has answered these prayers!

“I’m now a cancer survivor,” Harlem told me today. He looks and sounds so much more like his old self–a huge improvement on the way he was this winter, when they had to take him away in an ambulance.

Folks, he knows about your prayers and is very thankful for them.

Father in Heaven, thank you for the love and mercy that you have shown this man and his wife, Cindy. To God be the glory: amen.

6 comments on “Our Prayers for Harlem Have Been Answered

  1. There are no better words to speak or to hear than, “I am a cancer survivor”. I survived my struggle through the power of prayer, there is no other explaination.

  2. Praises to our gracious Lord, our Healer. Thank you for the encouraging report. We need these words to strengthen our faith.

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