The Sound of Victory

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I love the sound of college students wailing in the morning. It sounds like victory.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s glorious defeat of the Clinton crime family, California college honchos have moved to provide grief counseling for their distraught students ( ). UC Davis and Sacramento State were first on board with this, but it’s quickly catching on elsewhere.

Yes, the traumatized students, who have been so skillfully taught to break down under the slightest disappointment, are exhorted to take advantage of their schools’ “urgent care”–urgent care? are these people quite all there?–“mental health services.” I thought urgent meant you were standing on the ledge outside your hotel room window on the 50th floor, getting ready to jump off. That would be urgent.

Boy, is our country messed up. And we have our highly-paid, lavishly-pensioned “educators” to thank for it more than anybody else.

Parents who love, respect, and care for their sons and daughters do not send them to a university. Not these days!


5 comments on “The Sound of Victory

  1. The left throwing a Trumper tantrum is just ridiculous. So they didn’t get the person they wanted, well welcome to our world for the last 8 years. They act like a bunch of spoiled children who throw a fit when they don’t get their way.

  2. Colleges are full of borderline personalities. It doesn’t take much to push them over the edge. The crime is the Department of Education’s indoctrination and propaganda that takes away their ability to think for themselves and, thus, renders them completely useless citiezens and useful idiots.

  3. I so agree with both of your comments. If these are college people, I am so glad my sons never attended. They have both educated themselves in their chosen careers and have been very successful, mature for their ages and sons to make me proud, not like these whiners.

    1. I’m truly impressed and look forward to our next generation of more men with the caliber of your fine sons.

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