‘Gerber Baby’ Turns 90

Ann Turner Cook, poses at her Tampa, Fla., home Wednesday afternoon Feb. 4, 2004, with a lithograph of the original drawing showing her as the Gerber baby, an image that is used on all Gerber baby food products. These days, Cook is an energetic 77-year-old fledgling novelist. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Happy birthday, Anna Turner Cook!

Anna was chosen as the original, official “Gerber Baby”–and she still is. I just finished a pack of arrowroot cookies with her picture on it. And I don’t want to hear any nasty cracks about being too old for arrowroot cookies: the store was out of animal crackers.

I find it hard to imagine a nicer way for anyone to make an indelible mark on our popular culture.

(Thanks to Mike Selch for the news tip)

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