Dems’ Plan to Sabotage Trump’s Presidency

They admit there’s absolutely “no evidence” supporting their out-of-the-blue claim that Russian hackers “stole the election”–but that hasn’t stopped Democrats from trying to overturn the results of our presidential election. ( )

So there’s going to be a recount in Wisconsin, and they want to have recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan, too. Green Party “candidate” Jill Stein started this, and has since raised over $6 million–more than she had for her entire campaign–mostly from Democrat donors.

They admit there’s no evidence of “Russian hacking” but they want to “investigate” it anyway… to “make sure all the votes are counted.”

How about votes by illegal aliens, dead people, people voting more than once, and fictitious persons? How’s about we tally up all those, then throw them out?

Since there is no chance whatsoever that any third-party dingbat will benefit from a recount, and virtually no chance that the election results will be overturned and guess what, Hillary’s president after all, open borders here we come, etc. etc.–so why should we do this? Why do Democrats want it so badly?

Well, the very least they hope to get out of it is to taint Trump’s presidency and disable it, politically, before he’s even sworn in. Then they’ll use that to rally their thugs and idiots for the next election. So their payoff is going to be not now, but four years from now.

In the meantime, they can always throw death threats at the electors in the Electoral College. And have riots. And hand out Play-Doh at the universities.

Take a good look at all this stuff, America–and remember it. The Democrats are showing us who they really are.

Never, never, never let them ever take power again. The Democrat Party must be put out of business. Permanently.

3 comments on “Dems’ Plan to Sabotage Trump’s Presidency

  1. I fully agree. Never let them get a toe hold on the process. The dem party is nothing like it was before the criminals took it over. It is not worthy in any way to direct the affairs of this nation.

  2. It’s really starting to worry me about this recount business. On the one hand, I feel like they can’t do anything; on the other hand, we’re not talking about just a few people trying to do something on their own. George Soros is probably behind this, and other liberal tycoons, who have the money to cause havoc.
    I just wish that the inauguration would get here; all this waiting around is killing me.

    1. What they’re really trying to do is taint this election and rev up their thugs and idiots and donors to win the next one.

      They are showing us who they really are–and heaven help us if we forget it!

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