They Keep Trying to Ruin Christmas

I have a bee in my bonnet this morning: supposed “scholars”–they think we won’t be able to see they’re atheists–trying to convince us that certain Christmas carols are nothing but old pagan stuff with Christian trappings, and that Christmas itself is nothing but a pagan winter festival under another name.

It is an old, old heresy to say that the physical world of matter, nature, the human body, etc., is altogether wicked and that only the spiritual is good; and therefor only pagans can appreciate nature, blah-blah. So if I respond to the sight of cardinals perched on an evergreen bough in the snow, if I have an emotional response to the colors: bright red, soft brown, white and green–well, heck, that must mean I’m not a Christian… because, you see, all those colors had secret meanings to the Druids–

How do you type a Bronx cheer?

The Bible tells us God created all these things and took pleasure in them, and pronounced them very good (Genesis 1:31). Furthermore, “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made” (Romans 1:20)–but pagans in their error worship the things that have been created, rather than the Creator (v. 25).

Christmas is a very sense-engaging holiday. Think bright colors, think good food, think music. It is not required of Christians that we not enjoy such things! If someone honors God by not partaking in this holiday, while we honor God by enjoying it–well, fine: either way, God is honored.

I mean to revel in Christmas with a clear conscience. It’s a way for me to proclaim that Christ did indeed come in the flesh, as an indisputable historical event that no amount of pseudo-intellectual pettifogging can erase.

And they can take their blatherings about “the stag god” with them, a long way off a short pier.

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  1. I love Christmas too. And no matter its origins (which are hundreds of years removed, and hardly relevant anyways except as they are of historical interest), it is overlaid with so much Christian tradition that it is a Christian holiday … and they know it, which is why so much fuss is made over nativity scenes and ‘Merry Christmas’ and stuff like that. They’re trying to play it both ways. Trying to make us think less of it, while also trying to make atheists, Jews, Muslims, etc. offended by it.

    Whatever. Let the Scrooges be Scrooges.

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