College Expels Shakespeare

Hi-ho! Got a quarter of a million bucks you feel like pissing into a fan? Well, then–send yourself or one of your offspring to the University of Pennsylvania for four years. For a mere $50,000 and change per year–not counting food and books–you can by educated (LOL) by idiots.

The UPenn English Dept., in order to proclaim “a more inclusive mission for the English Dept.,” recently got rid of a portrait of William Shakespeare and replaced it with that of some black lesbian “poet” that you never heard of: for the sake of “diversity.”

The Daily Mail clarifies: the English Dept. faculty voted to do this a couple of years ago but never got around to it; so “students” took down Shakespeare’s portrait and replaced it ( ).

Who needs Shakespeare when you’ve got a race-hustling feminist bellyacher as your literary foundation? Yo! He’s white, he’s male, he’s European–strike three, he’s out!

Our colleges and universities–making America dumber by the day.

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    1. I would concur. My mother was an accountant that ran the business, ironically enough, of a school district with an 8th grade education.

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