King Wenceslas Requests Your Requests

Hi, King Wenceslas here, filling in for Lee on his blog. Okay, I wasn’t really a king, I was a duke of Bohemia over a thousand years ago and was promoted to king posthumously. I was also promoted to saint. Well, I hardly know what to say about that. I did my best, just like the rest of you: and if a lot of people liked it, and My Lord was pleased, then I’m gratified.

Anyway, I’m here to invite you to send in your hymn requests so we can post them here–especially if you haven’t done it before. I agree with the Leester: this deepens our fellowship. We can’t sing together in cyberspace, but we can all listen together. And that’s a good thing–not just for Christmas-time, but for all the year round.

So I’ve said my piece, and have but to add that I’ve enjoyed the way the Irish Rovers have sung this song about me–even if it is just a little embarrassing to hear a song about oneself. But it’s really about Christmas, and the Christmas spirit, so that makes it worth hearing.

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