Yes, You Can Love Your Country!

I just stumbled over this, it moved me very near to tears, and I have to share it with you–England’s Jerusalem, billed as “a candidate for an English national anthem.”

Look, I’m not English, what do I know from England? But if this music and these pictures can’t move you to love England, your heart is running low on fuel. It’s s0 beautiful!

There is nothing wrong, nothing “racist,” nothing “hateful” about loving your country, loving it for its wholly unique qualities, loving it for what it is, and has been, and yet could be.

They can take that “citizen of the world” poohbah and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

4 comments on “Yes, You Can Love Your Country!

  1. I love England and the English people. A beautiful tribute. The love of God and country, for what it was and “as yet could be,” is what sustains me – pass the tissues.

    Londoners call the English countryside “The Heath” and they wear ski jackets as soon as the weather goes below 70f – lol.

    This was lovely, thank you.

  2. Britain is our “motherland” so to speak – the roots of our freedom sprang from there and I’ve always felt a bond with them. Unfortunately today, parts of England have fallen to political correctness and have become “Moslem” territories, so to speak. A very good friend writes of the vast, terrible changes that have occurred and how she avoids places that once were beautiful and safe. And Brexit – yes, Brexit – what a inspiration……..

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