Do Dogs Think?

I’ll bet if you studied videos like this long enough and closely enough, you’d discover some fascinating things about the minds of dogs and cats.

This video makes it fairly obvious that dogs do think–but not like we do. We really have no idea what’s going on up there. But it would be really cool to know.

One comment on “Do Dogs Think?”

  1. We had a dog – half wolf, half Australian shepherd – who loved to play basketball with Michael. He would kick the basketballs (she had 6 of them), and would count as he kicked each one, and she would jump and spin in midair to catch them. (by the way, she was by then 15 years old and very agile!) Michael loved to tell her that the ‘bad possum’ was stealing her ball (she didn’t like possums at all!) So, being used to the count – from 1 to 6, she would race to the backyard and touch each one with her nose ‘counting’ them. Once she was satisfied that they were all still there and the ‘bad possum’ hadn’t gotten away with any, she would come inside and resume her prone position. 🙂

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