Government Climate Change Whiz Draws Prison Term for Fraud

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When I was a newspaperman, the mayor of a town I covered used to ask me, “Why don’t you write more stories about good government in action?” LOL

The former top “Climate Change expert” for the Environmental Protection Agency, once the EPA’s highest-paid employee, has been sentenced to 32 months in prison for some really bodacious fraud ( ).

To avoid having to do any work, John C. Beale told his higher-ups at the EPA that he was busy on even more important work for the government–that he was a CIA spy working in Pakistan. Now some folks up on Capitol Hill are wondering how he got away with that for so long: he’d been telling these whoppers for some 15 years. Said telling the lies gave him “a rush.”

On second thought, possibly the country was way better off with this guy not doing the work he was paid for.

Do you still believe in Man-Made Climate Change?

Is there anyone who pushes it who’s not a liar?

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