Forty Years Ago Today…

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Forty years ago this very day, Patty and I went on our first date. Before it was over, we felt we’d known each other for years.

First we went to dinner at The Islanders, a very fine Polynesian/Chinese restaurant whose owner advertised with The Bayshore Independent, the weekly newspaper of which I was associate editor and Patty was the bookkeeper. Then we went to the movies and say Voyage of the Damned, and wrapped things up with a visit to Sam’s Bar & Grill, a cozy old tavern with the best sandwiches in the county.

Time passes; and the only thing that’s left of that date, on Dec. 26 of 1976… is us. And even after all this time, we still have it in us to surprise each other.

Harmless prank: On Christmas Eve I handed Patty a gift-wrapped present and said, “And this is for you, from Deborah Grossman.” Now we don’t know anyone named Deborah Grossman, so you should’ve seen the look on her face…

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    1. Thank you, Erlene. You and your family, as well as others who have requested prayers, remain in my prayers nightly. How is your son’s shoulder doing?

  1. Hi, Linda, my son’s shoulder(s) give him a lot of pain, surgeon has given up on trying to fix it, and his wife, Angel has hemochromatosis. Just never ends. You are in my prayers, too.

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