Cats Having Fun with Snow

Well, all day long today I’ve stayed away from reporting really disgusting news stories. That does not seem to have worked so good. Oh, well…

Anyway, here are some cats and kittens encountering snow for the first time and really loving it. Oh, those snow days–no school! What bliss! I know just how these cats feel.

2 comments on “Cats Having Fun with Snow

  1. It’s surprising to me that cats actually like the snow that much since most cats are such heat seekers! 🙂 But they sure seemed to be having lots of fun!

  2. Wouldn’t it be great to have the experience of being a cat for a short while, and then being able to remember the sensations and the excitement that they experience. I’m not certain what it must be like, but they seem to have a lot happening in the way they experience their surroundings. They seem to always be poised for excitement.

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