Still No Heat!

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The new boiler we were supposed to get today, we do not get today. Tomorrow at the earliest. We are still freezing our kiesters off.

We have been advised not to leave our windows open. Gee, that was very helpful. In case our brains get so cold, we can’t think straight.

Whoever wrecked that boiler ought to be made to sleep outside tonight.

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    1. Heating pads, hot water bottles (the old fashioned kind), electric blankets?

    2. We don’t have any of the above, and I’m not about to go back outside into even colder temperatures to try to buy them. We are just plain stuck. You should see how I’m bundled up just now.

    3. Sorry, Lee. That’s the extent of my ideas, other than continually filling the bathtub with very hot water and closing the door with you, Patty, Robbie and Peep in there (and snuggling up, of course). Obviously you’ve got the clothes-layering already. I’ll be praying that the furnace is replaced early tomorrow.

    1. They really should put you up, but no use floogging a deceased equine.

      Seriously: build an enclosure out of furniture, bedding, etc. Take your computer within, they tend to dissipate about 200 watts. Bring in a lamp for when you’re awake, dress like you were taking a Winter’s hike and it might not be too bad.

  1. That really is a bummer. I wish there were something I could do, but I will pray that something good will come along for you.

  2. Very sorry, I hope you get heat soon, in my prayers.
    This is in no way making light of your problems, but WW III could bring vast multitudes to that circumstance and much worse.

  3. Crank the oven up and leave it open, it may help a little. We went through a night of that when our heat went once. I know its not fun. We ended up going to the hotel.

    1. That’s the second symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning: hallucinations of boiler-installation sounds. 🙂

      Congrats Lee. You made it through the night without freezing and tonight should be much better.

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