Hooray and Hallelujah, We’ve Got Heat!

If this doesn’t deserve a chorus of Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee, I don’t know what does (music by Beethoven, lyrics by the Holy Spirit). We went out grocery-shopping this morning, and when we came back, the heat was on.

Just in time, too–temps are expected to sink back down into the 20’s for the weekend.

Thank all of you for your prayers and good wishes! I think I’ll go out into the cold now just so I can enjoy coming back inside again.

Heat… Maybe?

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The guy’s been down there since 8:00 this morning, just one guy instead of the whole crew. He says–repeat, he says–everything’s good to go, he’s just got to clean out all the dirty old stuff, and then he’ll turn it on and we will have heat for the first time since early Tuesday morning.

Just in time, too–the bitterly cold weather is supposed to be coming back this afternoon.

Based on this week’s experiences, part of me expects it all to go wrong at the last minute, etc. Not the right attitude.

I’ll keep you posted.


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This is what our bathroom has been like since Tuesday morning.

The boiler boys knocked off at 3:00 this afternoon, which means another day and night without heat. It looked to me like they could have finished the job, if they’d kept at it–but no.

Well, they’d better finish it tomorrow because the weather’s supposed to get really cold again. It was in the fifties today, which was a big help: we could go outside to get warm. Tomorrow it’ll be back in the thirties, and tomorrow night, the twenties.

I pray this job gets done tomorrow.

Nope, No Heat Yet

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I was going to trim my beard, but I dassn’t–I need it between my face and the ice.

We still don’t have heat. The guys are back down there in the cellar today, they’re supposed to be hooking up the new boiler, but I don’t hear much going on. “Dealing cards and sipping coffee doesn’t make much noise,” Patty says.

We are blessed in that the weather has moderated–although for my part, I just can’t seem to get warm until I go to bed–but it won’t stay this warm much longer.  What in the Sam Hill are they doing down there? You’d think three or four guys who do it for a living ought to be able to install one cotton-pickin’ boiler.

Just now it’s warmer outside than it is in here, so I think I’ll go for a walk. Maybe that’ll warm me up.

Still Freezing

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Ah, how quickly are our desires cut down to size!

The boiler installation crew has knocked off for the day without finishing the job, so that’s another full day and night without heat. Please pray for my wife: this has not been good for her.

Never mind fame and fortune. I’ll settle for a reasonably warm toilet seat.

Here Comes the Heat?

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Fortunately the weather turned a bit less severe last night, so we didn’t freeze to death. And as I write this, there are men working to install our new boiler. It looked like it was taking them a terribly long time–they started around 7:30 and the boiler’s still sitting there outside. It must be the narrow steps down to the basement daunted them, because they have just finished setting up a hoist for lowering the boiler into the basement rather than wrestling it down the stairs.

So I hope that by the afternoon we will have a fully functional heating system. And the landlord ought to think about taking measures that will prevent any yo-yo from turning it off whenever he forgets that he can just open a window or turn off the radiator.

I haven’t even glanced at the news yet. I have to go to the nursing home, the news can wait. There will still be Democrats and collidge idiots wrecking the place when I get back.

Thank you for your prayers, everybody: the Lord answered them with milder weather.


Still No Heat!

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The new boiler we were supposed to get today, we do not get today. Tomorrow at the earliest. We are still freezing our kiesters off.

We have been advised not to leave our windows open. Gee, that was very helpful. In case our brains get so cold, we can’t think straight.

Whoever wrecked that boiler ought to be made to sleep outside tonight.


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In every apartment building there’s got to be some idiot who inflicts hardships on everybody else. We thought we’d gotten rid of our idiots over a year ago. They had a laundry fetish, liked to do it every day and every night, two or three items at a time, so no one else could use the washer or the dryer. They had other nasty habits, too, and we were ecstatically glad when they were finally evicted.

Well, that gave someone else the opportunity to take over as top chowderhead. We cannot be 100% sure which tenant is doing this, but somebody, every time he feels just a teensy bit hot and just can’t think of turning off the radiator or opening a window, goes down the cellar and turns off the heating system. Then it gets really cold, so he goes down again and turns it back on.

So today, on the coldest day of the year, our building has no heat at all because the cotton-pickin’ boiler’s busted! Yup–turning it off and on, off and on, over and over again, stressed the metal and broke it. Now the landlord will have to hustle to put in a new boiler, and it’ll cost him plenty. He says he has told this tenant not to turn off the heat, told him more than once, but he stops short of making an open accusation.

Oh, there are so many ways of imposing yourself on your neighbors! Our last batch of idiots knew ’em all. Loud, lousy music for hours on end; car parts strewn all over the place; running a loud air compressor all day, every day; disabling the washing machine so that no one else could use it, so that your two baseball caps could soak all day; picking fights–and when one idiot finally goes, there is always another to take his place.

Father in heaven, give us patience!