Here Comes the Heat?

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Fortunately the weather turned a bit less severe last night, so we didn’t freeze to death. And as I write this, there are men working to install our new boiler. It looked like it was taking them a terribly long time–they started around 7:30 and the boiler’s still sitting there outside. It must be the narrow steps down to the basement daunted them, because they have just finished setting up a hoist for lowering the boiler into the basement rather than wrestling it down the stairs.

So I hope that by the afternoon we will have a fully functional heating system. And the landlord ought to think about taking measures that will prevent any yo-yo from turning it off whenever he forgets that he can just open a window or turn off the radiator.

I haven’t even glanced at the news yet. I have to go to the nursing home, the news can wait. There will still be Democrats and collidge idiots wrecking the place when I get back.

Thank you for your prayers, everybody: the Lord answered them with milder weather.


8 comments on “Here Comes the Heat?

  1. I’m happy that our prayers always work for you. But I’m jealous that my prayers don’t always work for me. God even gave you good weather, which we didn’t even pray for! What makes you so special? (Please, i’m being rhetorical – lol). “If two or more ask in My name, it will be given.”

    1. Well, the good weather wasn’t just for me! It was a blessing to everybody in this building, and all around this part of New Jersey.
      Of course prayers don’t always work. God wouldn’t be wise if He gave me everything I ever asked Him for. But whether He grants a prayer or not, God always works for our good.

    2. I love the picture of the igloo. I’ve always wanted to make one and, IIRC, my sister and my cousin did exactly that when I was a small child. The next time we have several feet of snow here on the 32nd parallel, in southern Arizona, I’ll be out in my yard building one. I’m not going to hold my breath, however.

  2. I give thanks to our Lord who is compassionate and caring. So pleased to know your new heater is on the way in.
    Many disasters happening around here, too. Son’s wood heating stove
    blew out the glass door this morning- now another expensive repair. Praying some more. blessings, all.

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