Liberation! New White House Website Chucks ‘Climate Change’

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Well, dog my cats! Looks like “Climate Change” is over!

Precisely at noon today, the White House website deleted, threw out, and expunged all that malarkey about “Climate Change” and “Global Warming,” lock, stock, and barrel, and replaced it with a page announcing “An America First Energy Plan” ( ).

In the words of John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel: “Hooray!”

Gee, I guess Loretta Lunch won’t be “investigating Climate Change denial” anytime soon. Oh, that’s right! No more Attorney General Loretta Lunch, either.

For liberals, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

For the rest of us–joy, joy, joy!

2 comments on “Liberation! New White House Website Chucks ‘Climate Change’

    1. It meant a lot, for this to be the first act of Trump’s presidency–rejoice, rejoice!

      Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at Davos yesterday!

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