Memory Lane:Heroes

Hey, remember these–heroes? Like the Lone Ranger. Show me the kid from the 1950s who never shouted “Hi-yo, Silver!” Every week, the Lone Ranger and Tonto smacked down the bad guys. And they never got their clothes dirty, doing it.

When America junked the whole idea of heroes like the Lone Ranger and Tonto, America did herself a bad turn. Yeah, sure, they were fictional. Of course they were! It’s a thing called “ideals.” We used to have ideals.

We really ought to bring ’em back.

4 comments on “Memory Lane:Heroes

  1. My grandmother loved Alan Ladd. I liked the Lone Ranger. We watched the show together. Thanks for the memories.

  2. If we only had more movies like these; including Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and all the others of that era. Kids were not led off into satanic junk.

    1. Thank you for the essay, Chris. That movie sounds well worth running away from. I find it hard to decide which stereotypes are more annoying, the positive or the negative.
      I watched The Lone Ranger as a kid, too. I didn’t think there was anything about Tonto that wasn’t good. Tonto was just Tonto–thank you, Jay Silverheels.
      But PC-ness won’t let anyone be themselves.

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