‘Impending Civil War’

Image result for images of civil war 1861

Fort Sumter, 1861–the Civil War begins

Bearing in mind Infowars’ occasional penchant for getting a tad more worked up than the situation warrants, it still piques our interest to read that certain American millionaires, including a lot of Silicon Valley panjandrums, are fleeing to New Zealand for fear of a “crackup of civilization” and impending civil war at home. (http://www.infowars.com/u-s-elites-buying-new-zealand-redoubts-to-escape-crackup-of-civilization/)

Since the day after Election Day, 2016, over 13,000 wealthy Americans have registered with New Zealand immigration authorities. Some New Zealanders are not happy about that, but hey, it could be worse–we could be sending them celebrities.

So… America’s ruling class prepares to flee the consequences of its ham-fisted mishandling of the country’s business for the past eight years, and then some. Think the folks in New Zealand will want to give them a crack at running their country for them?

Doubtless the Far Left would love a civil war, if it meant a lot of people would get killed, the American republic would collapse, and they’d come out on top. They would like it even more if they got their poor schnook followers to fight it for them, with themselves coming out of hiding only after all the shooting stopped.

But I think most of the privately-owned firearms in America belong to persons not inclined to rally round Michael Moore, Madonna, and the Clintons. And bearing that in mind, there will be no civil war–just a lot of messiness for our new president and his team to clean up.

Libs are gonna be surprised by how easily America can do without them.

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2 responses to “‘Impending Civil War’

  • UnKnowable

    One has to wonder what these people expect. Do they think that there’s a magical place where everything is just to their liking?

    Where that’s concerned, what has Trump done that is so bad? He’s saving American jobs. He hasn’t ordered mass arrests or restricted civil rights. He’s the president of the US, for the US, which is as it should be.


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