Collidge Student Mistakes Lab Equipment for KKK Hood

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Again, your tuition dollars at work!

A Bowling Green student mistook a piece of lab equipment for a KKK hood and fired off a panicked tweet on Twitter. ( )

The college president had to reassure her that what she saw in the science lab was a piece of lab equipment. So it looks like the KKK has not, after all, been holding any Konklaves in the science labs at Bowling Green University.

It seems there are more sightings of KKK members by college students than there are KKK members in America. Teaching ignorance and paranoia really works!

Someday we will have tens of thousands of these college-miseducated ding-dongs on the loose all throughout the country.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

4 comments on “Collidge Student Mistakes Lab Equipment for KKK Hood

  1. Sheeeesh! They just keep getting stupider. What amazes me, is that this is the sort of behavior one sees in very strict religious sects, where misunderstood things tend to be interpreted in a negative light. IMO, the Left are a religion.

    1. Interesting trivia point-to-point here: the KKK was initially an anti-Catholic organization, seen as a counterpoint to the Knights of Columbus. It’s long forgotten, but in the early days of the US, Catholics were persecuted.

  2. People who look at everything through the prism of race, will find racism behind every rock… or in this case, behind every lab equipment.

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