Today’s Top Belly-Laugh

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You can’t make this stuff up–and why would you want to?

Democrats from all around the country will soon be meeting in a “retreat” in West Virginia to discuss “how to talk to regular Americans” ( )–sort of like cats getting together to discuss how to talk to mice.

“Yeah, yeah–we’re gonna get our mojo back! Our only problem, last time out, was that we didn’t know the right sales pitch. All we have to do is figure out how to get people who are not mentally ill to realize that they really want what our party has to offer. Open borders! Lots and lots of Muslims brought in without checking to see if they might be in a jihad frame of mind! Transgender bathrooms! Lots more public funding for abortion! Globalism out the wazoo! Ten thousand new regulations a day, to stop Climate Change! High taxes like you never dreamed were possible! Obamacare!

“We know you peasants really want that stuff! It’s just that you don’t know you want it! So we’re gonna work out how to make you see the light!”

The gulf, the abyss, that separates Democrats from regular Americans can only be bridged by sheer fantasy. But that’s all right: Democrats have that in abundance.

6 comments on “Today’s Top Belly-Laugh

    1. She scares me even without the element of surprise.

      On the way home from work tonight. I saw a bumper sticker with her picture on it. It said: “Life’s a bitch, don’t vote for one”. 🙂

  1. “…can only be bridged by sheer fantasy…” well, fantasy bridges are usually too fragile to walk on, don’t you think?

    1. There’s fantasy and there fantasy. You have some mythical creatures and Divine blessing here and there, but the lib’s fantasy doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of reality.

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