‘Sanctuary Cities’–Lawmakers’ Lawlessness

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With laws shall our land be built up but with lawlessness laid waste.

That line, from Njal’s Saga, was written by an Icelander around the year 1280. In 1262, the proud, independent republic of Iceland succumbed to an epidemic of violent lawlessness and lost its independence. The writer meant for Njal’s line to be prophetic; but he was writing about something that had already happened.

Here in America today, more than 400 cities and towns, nationwide, have proclaimed themselves “sanctuary cities”–where America’s national immigration laws will not be applied, but purposely broken by these cities’ local governments–and vowed to defy President Donald Trump’s announced intention to cut off federal funding to cities that refuse to enforce the law ( http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-california-sanctuary-cities-20170125-story.html ).

At the same time, Democrats–virtually all the sanctuary cities are run by Democrats–insist that uh-uh, nosireebob, there’s no voter fraud, there are no illegal aliens voting, absolutely never happens… Yeah. And wait’ll you see what happens to Democrat voting numbers without illegals showing up. You could laugh if it wasn’t fraught with such serious consequences for our country.

The status quo is this. Democrat cities in Democrat states stock up on illegal aliens to pad their voting numbers in our national elections–and they don’t want it changed. That’s why they so fanatically oppose any voter ID legislation.

Take away the illegals, the dead, and individuals who vote several times each in an election, and you’ve carved out a huge chunk of the Democrat voter base.

Right now there’s a lot of big talk coming out of these cities: lawless mayors saying they won’t enforce the immigration laws and they don’t care what “Trump”–they refuse to call him “President Trump,” but hey, I felt just the same about that other guy, whatsisname–tries to do about it.

We’ll see how long the big talk lasts after the funds dry up.

Now, I’m listening. If you think there are really good reasons why the nation’s laws, enacted by the people’s elected representatives, should be flagrantly broken by mayors and councils in assorted cities, well, go ahead–tell us what those reasons are. Because I can’t think of any.

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