Cats Chasing Snowflakes

This is definitely something cats do which you would be considered highly eccentric for doing.

Note: No need to go running for the Play-Doh! These are real snowflakes that the cats are trying to catch in their mouths–not you collidge characters.

Their ability to have fun shows that cats are highly intelligent. God made them that way.

4 comments on “Cats Chasing Snowflakes

  1. I always wonder what it must be like to experience life the way a cat does. They seem to see all of life as an adventure and everything, even a snowflake, as fair game.

  2. they are programmed to chase anything that moves. Sometimes, when cats get old, they look, check things out, but then say to themselves, “ive seen this action before, pfft, it doesn’t amount to anything, so back to sleep.

    1. My poor cat Buster! Even terribly sick as he was, he just couldn’t let a nice big spider go by without catching it and eating it. That was one pleasure he never gave up.

    2. My cat is about ten and fairly healthy. She has calmed down a bit over the years. She’s a great little cat and it’s fun to watch her learn new things as the years go by.

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