Well, Looky Here!

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This image of Gumby has been made possible by Patty sitting in front of this ferschluggine machine and bullying it into submission. I believe she used a Boston crab. That, or something called a system restore that sends the blighter back through time.

She was reluctant to do it at first because she thought it would create other problems. It did. Several handsful of hair later, she had solved those, too.

So we’re back in business, and all I’ve got to do now is present a cat video.

3 comments on “Well, Looky Here!

  1. If you google “create restore point” for what ever version of Windows you are using, you can freeze this very moment (configuration-wise) and have a safe and recent restore point t if this happens in the future.

    1. You may even be able to name the restore point, something like restored cut&paste capability. I use restore points at work all the time so that I have a fallback in case a server update causes a problem.

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