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Eureka! (Maybe)

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Calloo, callay, oh frabjous day! My Facebook referrals are back.

When Archimedes, in the course of taking his bath, suddenly realized he could calculate an object’s weight (or something) by the amount of water it displaced, he leaped out of the tub and shouted “Eureka!”, which means “Hot dog!”

I can’t quite do that, because I don’t know that anything I’ve tried actually did the trick, bringing back Facebook referrals to this blog after I got mysteriously disconnected from FB last weekend and have gotten hardly any referrals all week long. Maybe some of you folks out there accomplished it by sharing one of our cat videos on Facebook. I don’t know. All I know is, they’re back today, returning as inexplicably as they disappeared.

My father had no object in his house which he didn’t understand. Whatever it was, if it stopped working, he knew how to fix it. And if he didn’t know, his kid brother, Uncle Ferdie, an inventor, would be sure to know. I used to love to watch the two of them take apart the television set and fix it. Dad never had to send it to the shop.

Well, my own apartment is full of gadgets whose workings I couldn’t explain if my life depended on it. And I daresay I’m not alone in that respect.

And so, at least for the time being, my nagging Facebook problem has been solved–how, I just don’t know. But if any of you readers did anything to solve it, you have my thanks. It wasn’t a big problem, but it was certainly a nagging one.


As the Facebook Waterhole Runs Dry…

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Well, I’ve tried just about everything to get back my Facebook referrals to this blog, and so far, nothing’s worked. This is Day 6 of the Great Drought of referrals, which I think was brought on by my getting disconnected from Facebook on Sunday. WordPress tells me I’m reconnected, but there ain’t no water in this waterhole.

One last thing to try. If some of you would be so kind as to share some of my posts today with a few of your Facebook friends, I could check from time to time and see if that makes anything happen. That, unless anyone can come up with anything else, will be the last throw of the dice. I have no idea what has caused this problem, nor has anybody offered one.

It Still Ain’t Workin’

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I hate computers.

See that stupid little box up there? That was supposed to be a picture. Well, suddenly I can’t have any pictures, the computer refuses to handle them. That’s in addition to Facebook still not working. Nope, no referrals coming in from there. Two strikes on me before I can even get out of the dugout.

I hate computers.

And then, lo and behold, when I actually publish the post, the picture is there. I give up. This machine is in revolt against me.


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If you want to imagine what I feel like just now, the picture shown above will put you on the right track. But the fact that there is a picture here at all is evidence that my wife’s solution to this–“problem” seems such a weak word, but it will have to do–was the right solution.

I’ve just finished writing my News With Views column for the week, I feel like I’ve just gone three falls with Killer Kowalski, and in a few minutes I will hit the road and fetch us a sack of White Castles for our supper.

And then, I think, I will want to say “Thank you!” to all of you by posting a cat video.

Going Bananas

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I don’t understand it, but I’ll take it. Just don’t ask me to explain what’s going on here, because I don’t have that much of my mind left to lose. For some reason this started working when I ran away and Patty took over.

So… let’s see how this post turns out. If it works, I can eat my lunch and try to do some work.

Computer Hell!

As you can see, there’s no freakin’ picture to go with this one, either. I have been receiving what is laughingly called tech support for two hours without profiting from it in the least. This could kill me, if I’m not careful.

Somewhere on the planet there has to be someone who knows how to solve this problem. But the Geek could only give me a whole new procedure with about 25 extra steps to it that would be guaranteed to utterly destroy me, psychically.

I hope this is not the end of my blog.

And don’t anybody tell me, “Don’t panic,” because it’s too late, I already have.

Well, Looky Here!

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This image of Gumby has been made possible by Patty sitting in front of this ferschluggine machine and bullying it into submission. I believe she used a Boston crab. That, or something called a system restore that sends the blighter back through time.

She was reluctant to do it at first because she thought it would create other problems. It did. Several handsful of hair later, she had solved those, too.

So we’re back in business, and all I’ve got to do now is present a cat video.

We Are Having Technical Difficulties

Well, I still can’t copy and paste images, as you can see by the absence of the picture I tried to put here. This is Sunday, and computer cockups always happen on weekends and holidays, always and without fail, so that you can’t get anybody to fix them–which is what I’m going to have to do.

Please, audience, don’t drop me now–I’ll get this fixed as soon as I can.

Gee, I Can Still Get Youtube

My computer’s reply to me–See above.

What’s Wrong With This Computer Now?

Today, for no reason I can even guess at, this computer has stopped allowing me to copy and paste images. It lets me copy and paste videos. It lets me copy an image from the Internet and paste it into a Word document. But it will not let me copy an image and paste it to a blog post.

This is a procedure I have done literally thousands of times, and suddenly it doesn’t work. As you  can see, there is no freakin’ picture here! And all of the “how to” videos merely demonstrate what I was already doing but which now doesn’t work.


Ideas, anyone?

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