‘The Geography of Dreams’ (2018)

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Yesterday it was the computer hutch breaking into pieces, it’s now propped up by a book, and it seems that these items of furniture now are too large to fit into the space we have available. Today the blinkin’ laptop doesn’t work.

I want my dreams! I want my dreams!

The Geography of Dreams

After a while, dealing with Nothing Works starts to break me down. Like, as soon as the WordPress problems ease up on me–don’t be fooled: they’re only muscling up to pounce again–the computers themselves grab torches and pitchforks and try to overthrow my reason.

I cannot say why I got out of bed this morning.

Another Hell Day

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The computer went on strike again this morning. Why? Because that’s what computers do! And we’ve made our whole civilization totally dependent on them.

Then we tried to go to Wegman’s to pick up some foods we haven’t had for three months, thanks to Lockdown, shortages, etc. Eating the same few things for all this time: it was starting to pall on us.

Just as we were almost there I remembered I hadn’t brought my Badge of Submission, they won’t let you in the store without it. Go back home and get it. Start for the store again. Patty says she doesn’t think she’d better go, after all–too much pollen in the air today. That must be why we were both coughing like crazy. Back home. Set out for Wegman’s for the third time this morning. This has begun to resemble a Twilight Zone episode. “I will go there and get those items if it’s the last thing I do!” I growl.

Meanwhile, Patty has cajoled Mr. Computer into working. It will now require several extra steps. Every time anything changes, with these machines, it’s extra steps for the hapless user.

Why, look at that! It’s already gone past 12:30! And I am way, way, way behind. Great heaping pile of stuff I’m supposed to do. Ha, ha.

To those of you who are still waiting for me to do this or that, please bear with me, I’m trying to keep my head from exploding.

More Computer Hell

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Yesterday our whole Google search thingy went totally haywire: the search engine doesn’t search, it just takes you automatically to the last site you visited. I’ve found a way around this, but it’s very tiresome.

We also wound up with light-blue text on a grey background, just about impossible to read, but thankfully that got fixed by Jill at Chalcedon HQ.

Today’s cockup is, I can’t share my posts on my wife’s Facebook page as I’ve been doing every day for years. Every time I try, I just get this inscrutable error message, “301 Moved Permanently.” That’s what shows up on Facebook. Note: if it occurs to you to click it anyway, the post will appear and you can read it. But I’m sure I’d never think of that.

The conclusion of the WordPress support guy: Maybe if I wait a few days, the problem will just… go away.

I know computer failures are pretty small potatoes compared to getting sick (although we’ve been having our share of that around here lately!); but for me it’s a matter of being unable to do my work because my tools won’t function. Plus the frustration of being completely unable to solve the stupid thing.

Anyone out there know what a “301” is, and how to fix it? There are articles about that online, but they’re so full of computer lingo that I get lost before I’ve finished reading the opening sentence. Something in plain English would be nice.


At Risk of Oblivion…

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If you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s because we are going to risk plunging into The Abyss and getting lost down there: which is to say, we have to try to install a new version of Firefox onto this computer. My contribution to this technological feat will be to go outside and smoke a cigar.

I’m always afraid how these things will turn out. What new things will be wrong with it? What new problems will the new version surprise us with?

[Drum roll] Well, here goes nothin’….

Three Hours Late Already!

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I think I’m going to go mad.

Three hours today, three hours, we’ve been wrestling with the accursed computer, and it still won’t work. I am now on the other computer, for what it’s worth.

That’s what I get for allowing it to do some updates.

Now my wife is starting to lose it, too.

I will keep trying to get some work done, somehow.

‘The Last Rose of Summer’

I’ve been having a terrible time trying to post this video.

This morning, for no reason I can discover, the procedure I’ve used to post videos–used it thousands of times without a problem–suddenly refused to work. WordPress has given me an alternative procedure that’s very complicated and difficult.

This day is shaping up to be a ripe old rotter.

I wished to post this beautiful song… to relax! Well, that didn’t work out. All I’ve done was lose about two hours of work time. Now I have to try to catch up. *Sigh*

Hello, Anybody There?

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I don’t appear to be getting any reads for this morning’s posts, so I’ve got to ask–are you seeing them, anybody? I don’t know how WordPress works at the readers’ end. Do they notify you when I put up a new post?

Usually by this time (1 p.m.) there are at least half a dozen hits for each new post. Today it’s only one or zero.

I’m asking about this because I never know when WordPress is going to **change** something for me, without my knowledge–and whenever that happens, this blog has major problems.

So if you can see this morning’s posts, please let me know.

P.S.–Thanks to all of you who’ve notified me that everything’s normal here today.

WordPress! Grrrr! %$#@#$!

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Well, they’re doing it to me again! On our other computer, the laptop, WordPress has decided not to let me post today. All I get is a blank page. Why? Because computers are @#*&$ing unreliable, they never work, they only have to hear it’s the weekend and they go on strike! So I’m typing this on the other computer, which some weeks ago decided not to let me post on Facebook anymore.

Hey, here’s a great idea! Let’s hook our minds up with computers! Then we’ll all be smart!

“Your honor, my client didn’t even know he was stabbing his whole family to death. The computer he was connected to, it had a glitch or something. Or maybe it was doing an update…”

Yesterday the bloody thing was fine. Now it’s not. I hate computers.

Yet Another Glitch

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Has this ever happened to you?

I was just starting to type an answer to Phoebe’s interesting comment about AMF (“American Manufacturers of Fun!”) forcing its employees to play in an after-work bowling league when her comment utterly disappeared, lost forever. It seems either my cursor wasn’t where I thought it was, or else I wasn’t hitting the keys I thought it was, and the stupid computer interpreted that as a command to make the comment go away.

I have no idea at all why this happened. It’s happened before. Makes me wonder where the comment went. Heaven knows.

I was going to say, “It could be worse. You could’ve been working for a company that manufactured truncheons.”

Makes you think about the, er, wisdom of any scheme for hooking our brains up to a computer.

Blog Block?

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Is this site malfunctioning today? Anything I ought to know about?

See, the computer does these things, or WordPress does them, without my knowledge, and sometimes it messes things up but good. Viewership today is so extraordinarily low, I now wonder if somehow access to this blog has been cut off. Got off to a good start in the morning, too–and by noon went belly-up.

Of course, if it is blocked, then you won’t be able to tell me, will you?