Computer Hell!

As you can see, there’s no freakin’ picture to go with this one, either. I have been receiving what is laughingly called tech support for two hours without profiting from it in the least. This could kill me, if I’m not careful.

Somewhere on the planet there has to be someone who knows how to solve this problem. But the Geek could only give me a whole new procedure with about 25 extra steps to it that would be guaranteed to utterly destroy me, psychically.

I hope this is not the end of my blog.

And don’t anybody tell me, “Don’t panic,” because it’s too late, I already have.

6 comments on “Computer Hell!

  1. If the ability came back after restoring from an earlier version, and went away again a day or two later, I would assume that it’s probably caused by an update. When you restored, the update was removed, then the updates automatically were reapplied (most likely courtesy of our friends at Microsoft) and when that update was reapplied your paste capability was gone once again. But there’s hope.

    IMO, Microsoft has become very lackadaisical with regard to quality control and their updates have not always proven safe on the computers I manage. If you go to Control Panel/Windows Update you can see your Update History, then click on Installed Updates if you want to uninstall an update. Find the update that was most recent, and you probably have your culprit.

    Once you remove it click Check For Updates and when that update shows up again, right click it and select Hide Update.

    All of this assumes Windows 7. In Windows 10, Microsoft has, essentially decided that your computer belongs to them and have taken measures to make end-user control more difficult. That’s why I don’t use it at work. For home; I use a Mac. The only Microsoft product I use is Office for Mac.

    1. Watchman, WordPress has been doing a lot of fooling around lately and I’ve found it very hard to adapt. However, my wife seems to have solved the problem–God grant it be so!

  2. There is a new administration, you are going to have to make adjustments. Papyrus was good enough for Moses, so, chill out

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