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Stegosaurus was cool, really cool–but he ain’t around no more. Don’t let this happen to your favorite blog!

Looming up this weekend is the National Felons League Sooper Bowl, which needs to be competed with. We are a small part of that competition. I offer no commercials, no half-time show, and no jidrools protesting the country that pays them millions of dollars for playing a game that a lot of us would be perfectly willing to play for free.

So… don’t forget to drop by this weekend–and invite your friends and family, too. The more, the merrier!

9 comments on “Tell Your Friends About Us

  1. I’ll be stopping in. I’ll also forward your blog to a few friends. I’ll not be watching the super bowl. I’m afraid to hear what might come out of Lady Gaga’s brain via her mouth.

    1. Just think how great it would be if the crowd booed her into silence.
      I would rather do calisthenics than watch the SB half-wit show.

  2. I, too, will be around, Lee. Football is overrated and the players are much overpaid! Halftime is an occult nightmare and the commercials are absurd. Money, money, money. Our military would be much more deserving of such salaries!

    By the way, Lee, did I miss something? Has ‘The Throne’ come out yet?

    1. Linda, they keep telling me “The Throne” will be published any day now, so you haven’t missed it.

      Don’t worry–I’ll shout it from the housetops when it’s ready.

  3. BTW, the stegosaurus is the state dinosaur of Colorado, which is my favorite state (albeit not because of their liberal drug laws, which are creating havoc).

    1. Like the rest of the East Coast, New Jersey is dinosaur-poor. But we do have Hadrosaurus, the first dinosaur discovered in North America: and an important one, too, because its fossil showed that some large dinosaurs were bipeds.

      We also have Dryptosaurus, sort of a half-sized T. rex with long arms ending in very long, sharp claws–a very nasty customer.

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