Some Crabby Cats

Well, they’re not all crabby: just some of them. Although I think the persistent parakeet would get on just about anybody’s nerves.

Don’t you love it when you watch a video, go to post it, and get a notification, “This video does not exist”? Cats don’t have to put up with that.

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9 responses to “Some Crabby Cats

  • Linda Sorci

    Isn’t it just so typically ‘cat’ to stay put, even with a Golden’s tail wagging in her face? And the parakeet is hilarious 🙂 Can’t you almost hear it saying ‘pretty kitty’? lol

  • UnKnowable

    I just watched, with the help of my cat. That parakeet was pretty nervy.

    I agree, cats don’t have to put up with all this computer nonsense, and I for one, envy them.

    I can’t install a piece of software right now because my SQL cluster up and died. The SQL consultant is sick and I’m stuck waiting. No fun!

    • Linda Sorci

      Having rescued many, many cats in my time, I speak cat, but not computer 🙂 I doubt I’m alone in not having the slightest idea what an SQL cluster is, but I’m sorry you have to sit around waiting. That’s never fun – or easy.

      • leeduigon

        I think it’s a kind of gremlin.

        • Linda Sorci

          Wasn’t there a car called a Gremlin back in the ‘olden days’?

          • UnKnowable

            A cluster is a group of computers that act like one computer, so that if one fails, the other(s) take over. A SQL server is a kind of database which stores, in my case, information about the computers I manage. When the SQL cluster fails, I can’t operate the programs that keep track of all the computers at work.

            It is indeed a kind of a gremlin, and not nearly so reliable as AMC’s least expensive car. 🙂 I remember those cars. There was a guy in Denver that had one all tricked out as a hot rod.

          • Linda Sorci

            Thanks for the explanation, Unknowable. Sounds impressive, but I doubt it’s anything I could master at this age. I’d consider it a feat if I could figure out how to stop my desktop background from shuffling – which I can’t.
            I’m with Erlene. I’ll stick to cats 🙂

  • Erlene

    Yes, Linda, I think I remember such a vehicle, and never wanted to go near one, much less drive one. I’ll just stick with cats. Sometimes, they are a little naughty, but I can tolerate that a lot better than car or computer problems.

  • UnKnowable

    The people that master SQL clusters are the same kind of people that habitually don’t get enough fresh air and sunlight. 🙂

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