Some Crabby Cats

Well, they’re not all crabby: just some of them. Although I think the persistent parakeet would get on just about anybody’s nerves.

Don’t you love it when you watch a video, go to post it, and get a notification, “This video does not exist”? Cats don’t have to put up with that.

9 comments on “Some Crabby Cats

  1. Isn’t it just so typically ‘cat’ to stay put, even with a Golden’s tail wagging in her face? And the parakeet is hilarious 🙂 Can’t you almost hear it saying ‘pretty kitty’? lol

  2. I just watched, with the help of my cat. That parakeet was pretty nervy.

    I agree, cats don’t have to put up with all this computer nonsense, and I for one, envy them.

    I can’t install a piece of software right now because my SQL cluster up and died. The SQL consultant is sick and I’m stuck waiting. No fun!

    1. Having rescued many, many cats in my time, I speak cat, but not computer 🙂 I doubt I’m alone in not having the slightest idea what an SQL cluster is, but I’m sorry you have to sit around waiting. That’s never fun – or easy.

    2. A cluster is a group of computers that act like one computer, so that if one fails, the other(s) take over. A SQL server is a kind of database which stores, in my case, information about the computers I manage. When the SQL cluster fails, I can’t operate the programs that keep track of all the computers at work.

      It is indeed a kind of a gremlin, and not nearly so reliable as AMC’s least expensive car. 🙂 I remember those cars. There was a guy in Denver that had one all tricked out as a hot rod.

    3. Thanks for the explanation, Unknowable. Sounds impressive, but I doubt it’s anything I could master at this age. I’d consider it a feat if I could figure out how to stop my desktop background from shuffling – which I can’t.
      I’m with Erlene. I’ll stick to cats 🙂

  3. Yes, Linda, I think I remember such a vehicle, and never wanted to go near one, much less drive one. I’ll just stick with cats. Sometimes, they are a little naughty, but I can tolerate that a lot better than car or computer problems.

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