Rebels Without a Clue

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“No borders, no countries”–we’ve been seeing a lot of this lately. And it’s total rubbish.

Why don’t they want borders? Why don’t they want countries? They think it will make them free, and from then on, life will be just beautiful.

It’s amazing what you can believe in, when you have no grasp of human nature.

Just for a moment, try to imagine a world in which there really are no national borders because there are no countries anymore. Such a world, maybe, would have no governments. Oops. No more food stamps. No more federal grants to education. No more a lot of things.

But maybe, instead of having no government, the borderless world would have one great big gigantic government that governs everything and everybody! Wouldn’t that be nice? A satanic parody of Christ’s Kingdom on the earth. It wouldn’t last a minute without dictatorial powers, ruthlessly employed.

And so, instead of freedom, you would have the Soviet Union on steroids. Some of those “no borders” ninnies will be disappointed. Just think–a government big and powerful enough to rule the whole world!

I mean, really–have these people thought this thing through? (Hint: no.)

G.K. Chesterton was right on the money when he said that once you stop believing in God, you don’t believe in nothing: you’ll believe in anything.

8 comments on “Rebels Without a Clue

  1. One of the inherent problems with their thinking is that we will all be subjected to the insanity, like it or not. And as you rightly point out, they will definitely not like it once they realize their hearts’ desire. They will discover what a real nightmare is – Satan’s attempt at copying God, while attempting to eliminate Him. Praise God, he will fail!

  2. It’s axiomatic that ruthless dictators almost immediately turn against those that brought them to power as soon as they have solidified their position.

    Human nature never changes, in our fallen state. No human form of government will bring mankind true liberty and freedom. The US came the closest, but mostly because it was a very limited form of government, lacking the power to inflict itself upon its citizens. Our only hope is God’s Kingdom. Amen, come quickly lord Jesus.

  3. No borders, no countries is basically world government. Globalism is conditioning them to accept it. I’m sure they don’t realize it or grasp it’s implications. They are what Lenin referred to as “useful idiots”. I see this as a return to the Tower of Babel. Human government began one the Plain of Shinar under Nimrod, the first dictator, and it will end under the last dictator known as the Anti-Christ. History is often cyclical, and we are going to come full circle.

  4. No borders, no countries, is precisely that. A USSR would not be accepted in the anarchist framework (assuming that’s what you are trying to criticize, unless your critiquing the communists? This is not clear).
    A lefty mature society would very much look like the 12 tribes of Israel prior to the appointment of Saul of King. The book of Judges is basically the story of a leaderless society that temporarily appoints a leader in times of hardship at the behest of God.
    Anarchism is a leaderless/decentralized society. In fact, many anarchists oppose capitalist globalization because of its effect of global capital on morality and community.
    I am not poised to defend state socialism – I think that system has proven itself to be a disaster, as we know all know.

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