Caught in the Act

No, it’s not government “climate scientists” (LOL) caught finagling temperature data. Not this time. It’s a cat caught raiding the drawer where Mommy keeps his treats–and suddenly discovering he’s been caught on camera. Uh-oh–time for an apology!

2 comments on “Caught in the Act

  1. That’s cute. I keep my cat’s dry food in a covered, Sterlite bowl. Whenever I fetch the bowl from the cabinet, she jumps into the cabinet, sometimes she stays there after I put the food back and close the door. I guess she’s communing with her food. 🙂

    One very nice thing, is that it’s fairly common for her to come over after she eats, and “thank” me with a show of affection. These critters had to have come from God.

  2. Sometimes, cats are just too smart for their own good. LOL I could never
    find it in my heart to scold my cat. My husband thought I spoiled him way too much, but who can be angry at such loveable cuties.

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