Lib Collidge Students Learn How to Batter ‘Fascists’

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I can’t stand much more, but I suppose this little collidge caper has to be noted.

As reported by Campus Reform, the “Knights for Socialism”–oh, please–recently held a “fight club” workshop to teach them how to beat up people they disagree with ( ). It sounds like that would be… well, almost everybody.

The workshop was open to all “EXCEPT REPUBLICANS,” and is in response to “a record number of hate crimes against” all the Cherished Minorities. You can say things like this easily, once your profs have taught you that there’s no such thing as truth.

America’s university system is too big, too costly, too full of young people being taught thoroughly inane and useless subjects, too full of gasbag profs and administrators in line for lavish pensions–and it badly needs to be cut down to size. It is time for the federal funding to be pulled.

And it’s time for sane people to stop sending their sons and daughters to these schools to be turned into morons. At popular prices, no less. Please stop paying them your tuition dollars!

Pull the funding, pull the students, and starve the beast.

3 comments on “Lib Collidge Students Learn How to Batter ‘Fascists’

  1. These poor little milk duds really have no idea how duped they have been by their ultra liberal, socialist, communist professors. I wholeheartedly agree that the funding should be pulled and the professors should be pulled. The detour has been very costly, both in dollars and in minds. Coming back from this will take Herculean effort and may not be possible for many generations. And watching the prophesied events coming to pass even now, me to the conclusion that time is an elusive commodity.

  2. Something has to change or America as we know it wont survive.These colleges and universities have become indoctrination camps, and the professors are largely to blame.

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