‘Spiritual Guru to the Stars’ Dies Before He Can Be Shot

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Afterlifestyles of the rich and famous…

Wang Lin, the fabulously wealthy “spiritual guru to the stars”–not here, but in Red China, where they have their own celebrities–has died of “serious autoimmune disorder” while awaiting trial for allegedly kidnapping and murdering one of his “disciples” ( http://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-crime-death-idUSKBN15P19N?il=0 ).

Wang claimed the power to conjure snakes from thin air, an illusion that could be duplicated by any one of thousands of stage magicians. It cost a lot of money to become his disciple.

It seems there’s a wave of quackery washing over China, lately. Well, if you don’t believe in God, who is real, you’ll believe in someone or something else that isn’t real. Since 1949 the communist government has been suppressing religion.  They’ve weakened religion to the point where genuine silliness can take hold–sort of like here in America.

Anyhow, Mr. Wang was in a heap of trouble, and his trial would have been a national sensation–might’ve even gone global. Imagine if we had a spiritual big shot whom you always saw with Oprah and the Kardashians, and he was credibly accused of murder. Big, big news!

How many times in the Bible does God warn His people that if they will not serve Him, they will surely serve false gods?

He who has ears, let him hear.

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12 responses to “‘Spiritual Guru to the Stars’ Dies Before He Can Be Shot

  • Linda Sorci

    Moses’ snake ate up all of Pharaoh’s snakes. I hope this guy repented before his disease overtook him.


  • UnKnowable

    What a mess we will find ourselves in if we don’t follow one simple commandment, to have no other gods before the Almighty Creator.

    The decline is so predictable too. These self-proclaimed spiritual leaders always end up going too far, as they try to prove their worth, while having no real worth. Eventually, all that follow them will come to disappointment, it’s inevitable.


    • UnKnowable

      That’s quite interesting. I have no malice towards Target; clearly someone within made choices based upon what is considered politically correct, as opposed to what protects their customers.

      I’ve never personally known anyone that met the definition of “transgender”, but once again, I have no malice towards someone with such issues. There is a psychological condition known as gender dysphoria and if someone experiences that problem I don’t hate them for it. I judge my life by God’s standards, but I don’t judge others; that is between them and God.

      However, by making rules, such as the one that Target made, they are opening the door to all sorts of abuse. The most obvious is that a sexual predator could slap on a dress and walk into the ladies room at Target to satisfy their “interests”. I would hate to think that some little girl would have to deal with such a thing because of such a policy.

      Target made their choice and now they are dealing with the results of that choice. I feel no sorrow for them. BTW, my childhood years were spent 80 miles from Minneapolis, where Target was (still is?) headquartered. In its early days, Target was a class act. They ran a first class business and were the discount store that had a dash of style about it. Things sure have changed since then.


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