A Lot of Words for Saying Nothing

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For the sake of kindness and the Christmas season, I’ve decided not to mention the name of the bank that has provided this towering example of pure blather. Rather than link to their page, I will just quote extensively from it. Besides which, this kind of nonsense is endemic in American business today.

Got your Blather Bingo cards ready? Let’s go!

“Our family-like culture brings teams together where colleagues collaborate and are empowered to make decisions. From day one, we have been driven always to do the right thing…” (I feel safer already, don’t you?)

“Our core values not only represent the foundation of our company, but guide us in everything we do…” (Funny–I thought religion was supposed to do that.)

“We empower employees to work together with partners in the community and internal fellow teammates…

“We promote sustainable growth…” Yatta-yatta.

All this stuff about “core values” that guide them through all of life–but no mention of what those “values” might be, exactly. We infer from the subheads that they may be Engagement, Quality, Innovation, Relevance and Sustainability.

Relevance? What are they talking about? Relevant to what? To whom? Or is this just a lot of tossed word salad?

Somehow bankers have taken it into their heads that they ought to sponsor homosexual “pride parades” and other exercises in culture collapse. It doesn’t have anything to do with being good stewards of their depositors’ money, does it? But their ranks are full of recent college graduates for whom PC blather is the mother tongue. And they’d like to play a part in some “fundamental transformation” of America into God knows what–and pray we never find out.

Defund the universities.

Break the teachers’ unions.

Stop this stuff before it stops our country.

‘Spiritual Guru to the Stars’ Dies Before He Can Be Shot

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Afterlifestyles of the rich and famous…

Wang Lin, the fabulously wealthy “spiritual guru to the stars”–not here, but in Red China, where they have their own celebrities–has died of “serious autoimmune disorder” while awaiting trial for allegedly kidnapping and murdering one of his “disciples” ( http://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-crime-death-idUSKBN15P19N?il=0 ).

Wang claimed the power to conjure snakes from thin air, an illusion that could be duplicated by any one of thousands of stage magicians. It cost a lot of money to become his disciple.

It seems there’s a wave of quackery washing over China, lately. Well, if you don’t believe in God, who is real, you’ll believe in someone or something else that isn’t real. Since 1949 the communist government has been suppressing religion.  They’ve weakened religion to the point where genuine silliness can take hold–sort of like here in America.

Anyhow, Mr. Wang was in a heap of trouble, and his trial would have been a national sensation–might’ve even gone global. Imagine if we had a spiritual big shot whom you always saw with Oprah and the Kardashians, and he was credibly accused of murder. Big, big news!

How many times in the Bible does God warn His people that if they will not serve Him, they will surely serve false gods?

He who has ears, let him hear.

A Misplaced Faith

In regard to the guy in Pensacola who crashed his car into first one shop and then another, saying he was trying to drive through a “time portal” (see yesterday’s post), reader Marge Hofknecht observed, “I have met individuals who take certain aspects of science fiction as the gospel truth…”

Yes, I know what kind of individuals she means. The kind who tell you, in all seriousness, “Jesus was a hybrid. He was half-extraterrestrial. That’s how he was able to do the things he did.”

Think about it. We have the vastest, most expensive education system ever devised by man, with more schools, colleges, and universities than have ever existed and millions more people in them, sitting in classrooms for many more years than is good for them… and what have we got to show for it?

I don’t even like to guess how many people believe categorically in space aliens, in super-intelligent ET philosopher-kings secretly manipulating history on earth, in planets where the native super-race is just waiting for the right moment to help humanity over the top, and on and on, without a single scrap of evidence.

We may not spend much time in the Bible, or in church, but we sure have time for science fiction movies and TV, comic books, video games, and all the other apparatus of self-instruction.

I’ve grown up loving science fiction. It’s fun. Years ago it was even more fun, when you had all those wonderful magazines like Galaxy, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Amazing Stories, Analog, and others. But we didn’t take it seriously!

Or did we?

I’m beginning to wonder. I really am.