Encore! ‘O Worship the King’

Pardon me for repeating myself. This is one of my  very favorite hymns, it’s been in my head for two days, and I tried to sing it to myself yesterday, on my way to the nursing home to see Aunt Joan, but I couldn’t–it filled my heart and choked my words.

I have no idea who performs this beautiful rendition, and I love the video: and I can’t help it, I hear the Holy Spirit in this hymn and it makes me want to cry for joy–because the Lord is with me.

2 comments on “Encore! ‘O Worship the King’

  1. Dear Lee,

    Thank you so much for posting these beautiful hymns. My beloved brother Ed died last night after long suffering. I listened to Pilgrims Journey and O Worship the King just now, and they give me much comfort.

    Love in Christ Jesus,

    1. Oh, Evelyn, I’m so sorry to hear that! But glad to know these hymns brought you comfort. That’s what they’re for. Love in Jesus Christ, Amen.

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